Commit 54234b8d authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie Committed by Nigel McNie
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Added some miscellaneous registration screen strings, and reordered them

parent bf2f874c
......@@ -64,14 +64,15 @@ $string['usernamehelp'] = 'The username you have been given to access this syste
$string['yournewpassword'] = 'Your new password';
$string['yournewpasswordagain'] = 'Your new password again';
// This stuff is used by registration but might also be used by profile - if a string here isn't it should be moved to auth/internal/lang
$string['password2description'] = 'Your password again';
// Misc. register stuff that could be used elsewhere
$string['emailaddress'] = 'Email address';
$string['emailaddressdescription'] = 'Your email address';
$string['firstname'] = 'First name';
$string['firstnamedescription'] = 'Your first name';
$string['lastname'] = 'Last name';
$string['lastnamedescription'] = 'Your last name';
$string['emailaddress'] = 'Email address';
$string['emailaddressdescription'] = 'Your email address';
$string['password2description'] = 'Your password again';
$string['registerdescription'] = 'Welcome! To use this site you must first register. You must also agree to the <a href="terms.php">terms and conditions</a>. The data we collect here will be stored according to our <a href="privacy.php">privacy statement</a>.';
// Forgot password
$string['cantchangepassword'] = 'Sorry, you are unable to change your password through this interface - please use your institution\'s interface instead';
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