Commit 5577c929 authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells

Remove blocktype thumb.png files (Bug 1532642)

Since we're no longer using theme in any of the core themes.

Note that the code to look for a thumb.png file is still in place,
for backwards-compatibility with older 3rd-party blocktypes.

If you're a third-party theme developer who wants to use PNG files
for the block picker instead of FontAwesome, you'll need to provide
your own thumb.png files for each of the core blocktypes, under
your theme's /theme/THEMENAME/plugintype... directories.

behatnotneeded: Covered by existing tests

Change-Id: I6f0578c8f55c620b7b3df42d8959a6d1ea5ad016
parent bd0f75db
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