Commit 57249409 authored by Kristina Hoeppner's avatar Kristina Hoeppner Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Web services: Minor lang string fixes (Bug #1432523)

Change-Id: I6c1032fd9e9e6795aceaf32a2a16302b3eddbf84
Signed-off-by: Kristina Hoeppner's avatarKristina D.C. Hoeppner <>
parent 3dbd93f1
......@@ -2333,7 +2333,7 @@ function admin_nav() {
$menu['configextensions/webservices'] = array(
'path' => 'configextensions/webservices',
'url' => 'webservice/admin/index.php',
'title' => get_string('webservices', 'auth.webservice'),
'title' => get_string('webservice', 'auth.webservice'),
'weight' => 50,
......@@ -101,6 +101,6 @@ Scenario: Clicking randomly around Mahara (Selenium)
And I choose "HTML filters" in "Extensions"
And I choose "Allowed iframe sources" in "Extensions"
And I choose "Clean URLs" in "Extensions"
And I choose "WebServices" in "Extensions"
And I choose "Web services" in "Extensions"
# The test should be completed once if Return to site works successfully
Then I follow "Return to site"
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