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Hide the block placeholder when a blocktype has been dropped outside of a...

Hide the block placeholder when a blocktype has been dropped outside of a hotzone. Some smarter math for the bottom hotzones, they now roughly extend down to the footer to make dropping at the end of a column easier
parent ef2d6d4d
......@@ -531,6 +531,12 @@ function ViewManager() {
// No longer is there a 'last hotzone' that was being dragged over
self.lastHotzone = null;
// We don't need the block placeholder anymore, but it
// still might be needed in the dropfunction, as the
// reverteffect is called before the dropfunction. So we
// only hide it here
self.movingBlockType = false;
// Sadly we have to return an effect, because this requires
......@@ -670,10 +676,13 @@ function ViewManager() {
var viewportDimensions = getViewportDimensions();
var footerDimensions = getElementDimensions('footer', self.bottomPane);
var footerPosition = getElementPosition('footer', self.bottomPane);
setElementPosition(hotzone, {x: blockinstancePosition.x, y: previousHotzonePosition.y + previousHotzoneDimensions.h});
setElementDimensions(hotzone, {
w: blockinstanceDimensions.w,
h: Math.min(blockinstanceDimensions.h, 100)
h: (footerPosition.y + footerDimensions.h) - (previousHotzonePosition.y + previousHotzoneDimensions.h)
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