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Merge "Behat Test: Secret URL access button (Bug 1426983)"

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Feature: Button to reliably copy secret URLs
In order to copy a secret URLs
As an admin I need to create page
So I can press secret URLs button and copy it
Scenario: Create a page and secret URLs to copy (Bug 1426983)
# Log in as an Admin user
Given I log in as "admin" with password "Password1"
# Verifying log in was successful
And I should see "Admin User"
When I follow "Portfolio"
And I press "Create page"
And I fill in the following:
| Page title | Testing page 1 |
And I press "Save"
# Verifying page was created
And I should see "Page saved successfully"
And I press "Done"
# Navigating to shared by be to click button
And I choose "Shared by me" in "Portfolio"
And I click on "secreturl_6"
And I press "Add"
# Verifying Secret URLs was created
And I choose "Shared by me" in "Portfolio"
And I should see "1"
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