Commit 638e318f authored by Son Nguyen's avatar Son Nguyen Committed by Robert Lyon
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Add a "Cookie Consent" link to the Admin Home page (Bug 1267668)

Change-Id: I62dd10ce9f867cf3f6c8feeb217a38239752cd6b
Signed-off-by: default avatarSon Nguyen <>
parent c93b073a
......@@ -94,6 +94,8 @@ $string['siteviews'] = 'Site pages';
$string['siteviewsdescription'] = 'Create and administer pages and page templates for the entire site';
$string['networking'] = 'Networking';
$string['networkingdescription'] = 'Configure networking for Mahara';
$string['cookieconsent'] = 'Cookie Consent';
$string['cookieconsentdescription'] = 'Configure the "Cookie Consent" user privacy system.';
$string['staffusers'] = 'Staff users';
$string['staffusersdescription'] = 'Assign users staff permissions';
......@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@
<li><strong><a href="{$WWWROOT}artefact/file/sitefiles.php">{str tag=sitefiles section=admin}</a></strong> - {str tag=sitefilesdescription section=admin}</li>
{ifconfig key=skins}<li><strong><a href="{$WWWROOT}admin/site/skins.php">{str tag=siteskins section=admin}</a></strong> - {str tag=siteskinsdescription section=admin}</li>{/ifconfig}
{ifconfig key=skins}<li><strong><a href="{$WWWROOT}admin/site/fonts.php">{str tag=sitefonts section=admin}</a></strong> - {str tag=sitefontsdescription section=admin}</li>{/ifconfig}
<li><strong><a href="{$WWWROOT}admin/site/cookieconsent.php">{str tag=cookieconsent section=admin}</a></strong> - {str tag=cookieconsentdescription section=admin}</li>
<h3>{str tag=configusers section=admin}</h3>
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