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Additional strings for networking

parent 83b619b3
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ defined('INTERNAL') || die();
$string['host'] = 'Hostname or address';
$string['wwwroot'] = 'WWW root';
$string['port'] = 'Port number';
$string['protocol'] = 'Protocol';
......@@ -41,9 +42,15 @@ $string['addauthority'] = 'Add an Authority';
$string['updateuserinfoonlogin'] = 'Update user info on login';
$string['updateuserinfoonlogindescription'] = 'Retrieve user info from the remote server and update your local user record each time the user logs in.';
$string['xmlrpcserverurl'] = 'XML-RPC Server URL';
$string['shortname'] = 'Short name for your app';
$string['name'] = 'Your app\'s name';
$string['ipaddress'] = 'IP Address';
$string['shortname'] = 'Short name for your site';
$string['name'] = 'Site name';
$string['nodataforinstance'] = 'Could not find data for auth instance ';
$string['authname'] = 'Authority name';
$string['autocreateusers'] = 'Auto-create users';
$string['parent'] = 'Parent authority';
$string['wessoout'] = 'We SSO out';
$string['theyssoin'] = 'They SSO in';
$string['application'] = 'Application';
$string['cantretrievekey'] = 'An error occurred while retrieving the public key from the remote server.<br>Please ensure that the Application and WWW Root fields are correct.';
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