Commit 65356fc6 authored by Steven Spinelli's avatar Steven Spinelli Committed by Rebecca Blundell
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Bug# 1749628 Behat: test for File Quota 4.3.5 in manual test suite

Change-Id: Ie5c0a0f5e9c81e549fd154557e0251f7c9539a21
parent 902286df
......@@ -17,7 +17,9 @@ Scenario: Add file, rename and add description
And I set the field "Name" to "renamed.pdf"
And I set the field "Description" to "I hope I can see my saved changes"
And I press "Save changes"
And I should see "renamed.pdf"
Then I should see "renamed.pdf"
And I should see "I hope I can see my saved changes"
And I reload the page
And I should not see "mahara_about.pdf"
# Verify Quota is displayed on the sidebar of the Content->Files page and default maximum of 50.0MB
And I should see "You have used 0.1MB of your 50.0MB quota."
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