Commit 6ad43a71 authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells Committed by Robert Lyon

Writing a helpfile for "generate sitemap"

Bug 974855: It's not great that the helpfile doesn't actually contain the URL for your sitemap,
but we'd need to implement the ability to put parameters or variables into help files to make that happen.

Change-Id: I7cc414510ffe78432a4e21d61a829f67ff1d9929
parent 72adce86
<!-- @license GNU GPL version 3 or later -->
<!-- @copyright For copyright information on Mahara, please see the README file distributed with this software. -->
<h3>Generate sitemap</h3>
<p>Tick this box to generate a machine-readable sitemap of all the publicly accessible pages in your Mahara site, suitable for submitting to search engines.</p>
<p>The sitemap is a series of XML files in the <a href=""></a> format. The sitemap "index" is at the URL <tt>[yoursite]/download.php?type=sitemap</tt>. It lists a series of daily sitemap snapshots, which contain only those pages that have changed in the past day.</p>
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