Commit 6c499818 authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield
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Remove group tab templates

parent 23c30e08
{* End of group info page - see group/tabstart.tpl for what this is closing *}
{* Tabs and beginning of page container for group info pages *}
<div id="grouppage-tabs">
{foreach from=$grouptabs key=tab item=tabinfo}
<li{if $current == $tab} class="current"{/if}><a href="{$WWWROOT}{$tabinfo.url}">{$tabinfo.title}</a></li>
{if $groupviews && $member}
<ul id="groupviewoptions">
<li{if !$shared} class="current"{/if}>
<a href="groupviews.php?group={$groupid}">{str tag="viewsownedbygroup" section="view"}</a>
<li{if $shared} class="current"{/if}>
<a href="groupviews.php?group={$groupid}&shared=1">{str tag="viewssharedtogroup" section="view"}</a>
<div id="grouppage-container">
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