Commit 6ca2821a authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells
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Removing unnecessary array_diff

Bug 1314460: No need to remove $locked from $progressbaritems, because the
list of progressbaritems is limited by the $onlytheseplugins array, and that
has already had $locked removed from it.

Change-Id: Ie8418703d0333eaf2ef2ba8301ec235e4dcddd03
parent b60af91a
......@@ -2948,7 +2948,7 @@ function progressbar_sideblock($preview=false) {
// Without locked ones (site locked and institution locked)
$sitelocked = (array) get_column('institution_locked_profile_field', 'profilefield', 'name', 'mahara');
$instlocked = (array) get_column('institution_locked_profile_field', 'profilefield', 'name', $institution);
$locked = array_merge($sitelocked, $instlocked);
$locked = $sitelocked + $instlocked;
foreach ($locked as $l) {
......@@ -2981,8 +2981,6 @@ function progressbar_sideblock($preview=false) {
$progressbaritems = artefact_get_progressbar_items($onlytheseplugins);
$progressbaritems = array_diff($progressbaritems, $locked);
// Get the data link about every item
foreach ($progressbaritems as $pluginname => $itemlist) {
foreach ($itemlist as $artefactname => $item) {
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