Commit 70c938da authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells
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Removing the from/join check in minaccept

Bug 1417364: This check causes too many false positives and doesn't catch
actual problems often enough.

Change-Id: I659cafd3dcdbcf254d66a72bcb4f2f6a1ba2ddba
parent 387b2893
......@@ -79,12 +79,6 @@ while (<>) {
bad_line("a require_once statement should look like a function call, ".
"without a space between the keyword and the bracket.", $_);
# The word "from" or "join" on a line that is probably not a comment
# (because it's not preceeded by // or *). Note that (?!pattern) is a
# negative look-ahead assertion; /foo(?!bar)/ matches a foo not followed by bar
if (m#^(?!\s*(//|\*)).*?\b(from|join)\s[^({]#i) {
bad_line("presence of SQL keyword \"from\" or \"join\" suggests this line may contain a SQL table not surrounded by curly braces {}", $_);
#Implement aging of the stack to prevent
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