Commit 7310d4eb authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie
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Added a bunch of language strings for the friends javascript. Removed a couple of dud strings.

parent 0ec754e4
......@@ -234,7 +234,6 @@ $string['email'] = 'Email';
$string['subject'] = 'Subject';
$string['message'] = 'Message';
$string['messagesent'] = 'Your message has been sent';
$string['sendmessage'] = 'Send message';
$string['nosendernamefound'] = 'No sender name was submitted';
$string['emailnotsent'] = 'Failed to send contact email. Error message: "%s"';
......@@ -518,13 +517,26 @@ $string['currentfriends'] = 'Current Friends';
$string['pendingfriends'] = 'Pending friends';
$string['backtofriendslist'] = 'Back to Friends List';
$string['findnewfriends'] = 'Find New Friends';
$string['seeallviews'] = 'See all %s views...';
$string['noviewstosee'] = 'None that you can see :(';
$string['whymakemeyourfriend'] = 'This is why you should make me your friend:';
$string['approverequest'] = 'Approve Request!';
$string['denyrequest'] = 'Deny Request';
$string['pending'] = 'pending';
$string['trysearchingforfriends'] = 'Try %ssearching for your friends%s to grow your network!';
$string['nobodyawaitsfriendapproval'] = 'Nobody is awaiting your approval to become your friend';
$string['sendfriendrequest'] = 'Send Friend Request!';
$string['addtomyfriends'] = 'Add to My Friends!';
$string['friendshiprequested'] = 'Friendship requested!';
$string['existingfriend'] = 'existing friend';
$string['nosearchresultsfound'] = 'No search results found :(';
$string['friendlistfailure'] = 'Failed to modify your friends list';
$string['userdoesntwantfriends'] = 'This user doesn\'t want any new friends';
//messaging between users
$string['messagebody'] = 'Send message';
$string['sendmessage'] = 'Send';
$string['sendmessage'] = 'Send message';
$string['messagesent'] = 'Message sent!';
$string['messagenotsent'] = 'Failed to send message';
$string['newusermessage'] = 'New message from %s';
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