Commit 7378486a authored by Evonne's avatar Evonne Committed by Robert Lyon

Bug 1845061 Logo size in institution settings page

Restricting the size of the logo displayed within the form after
a image is uploaded, the logo has max height according to navbar
height variable, the logoxs has a set height of 48px, values based
on raw theme.


Change-Id: I92813a5c7c689675e55397cd26d870919d9bc33a
parent 409e6737
......@@ -867,3 +867,20 @@ {
.modal-segment-heading {
flex: 1;
// reduce size of uploaded logos appearing instituion settings page
#institution_logohtml_container img {
max-height: $navbar-height;
#institution_logoxshtml_container img {
height: 48px;
#institution_deletelogoxs_container {
padding-left: 275px;
@include media-breakpoint-down(sm) {
padding-left: 0;
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