Commit 73ee0b00 authored by Evonne Cheung's avatar Evonne Cheung Committed by Robert Lyon
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Bug 1843239: Profile block user picture overlaps name

Fixes so name isn't covered by a person's profile picture in th profile
side bar block when the name is long. 

Also fixed the "Default" theme where the colour of the block
header fits the profile picture better.


Change-Id: I1b8f8b2e113156399ac6b3d7a7c032097acee0e2
parent 59b8c41e
.sidebar {
.profile-block.card-header {
min-height: 80px;
min-height: 92px;
.username {
&:hover {
.profile-block.card-header {
.username {
padding: 10px 75px 10px 15px;
padding: 10px 90px 10px 15px;
display: block;
word-break: break-word;
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