Commit 7a1cf8f3 authored by Son Nguyen's avatar Son Nguyen Committed by Gerrit Code Review

Merge "Public group with allow submissions ticked causes error (Bug #1310761)"

parents 0bb5e218 362aaae7
......@@ -4796,7 +4796,10 @@ class View {
function get_views_and_collections($owner=null, $group=null, $institution=null, $matchconfig=null, $includeprofile=true, $submittedgroup=null) {
$excludelocked = $group && group_user_access($group) != 'admin';
// Anonymous public viewing of a group with 'Allow submissions' checked needs to avoid including the dummy root profile page.
if ($owner == '0') {
$includeprofile = false;
$sql = "
SELECT, v.type, v.title, v.accessconf, v.ownerformat, v.startdate, v.stopdate, v.template,
v.owner,, v.institution, v.urlid, v.submittedgroup, v.submittedhost, " .
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