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Language file for CSV upload error when an e-mail address is taken

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......@@ -192,6 +192,7 @@ $string['uploadcsverrorinvalidpassword'] = 'Error on line %s of your file: The p
$string['uploadcsverrorinvalidusername'] = 'Error on line %s of your file: The username for this user is not in correct form';
$string['uploadcsverrormandatoryfieldnotspecified'] = 'Line %s of the file does not have the required "%s" field';
$string['uploadcsverroruseralreadyexists'] = 'Line %s of the file specifies the username "%s" that already exists';
$string['uploadcsverroremailaddresstaken'] = 'Line %s of the file specifies the e-mail address "%s" that is already taken by another user';
$string['uploadcsvpagedescription'] = '<p>You may use this facility to upload new users via a <acronym title="Comma Separated Values">CSV</acronym> file.</p>
<p>The first row of your CSV file should specify the format of your CSV data. For example, it should look like this:</p>
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