Commit 7b0d6aa8 authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells

Incorrect check for the presence of collections in export (Bug 1474628)

It appears this code is meant to check for whether $views is set to
self::EXPORT_ALL_VIEWS (a constant that equals -1).

But even if you're exporting all your views, you still want to group
them together into collections.

Change-Id: Ic4f8c94ae3b2da1916806baddd6897dc6bb3ef2a
parent 3e806118
......@@ -324,7 +324,7 @@ abstract class PluginExport extends Plugin implements IPluginExport {
$this->collections = array();
if ($views === -1) {
if (empty($this->views)) {
$collections = FALSE;
else {
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