Commit 7b2b8df7 authored by Hugh Davenport's avatar Hugh Davenport
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Fix lang string for sitemaps (bug #794656)

Change-Id: Ia684afea3125dc8964d21b3bf288c6592b3d8303
Signed-off-by: default avatarHugh Davenport <>
parent ad835bc8
......@@ -233,7 +233,7 @@ $string['embeddedcontent'] = 'Embedded content';
$string['embeddedcontentdescription'] = 'If you would like users to be able to embed videos or other outside content into their portfolios, you can choose which sites to trust below.';
$string['Everyone'] = 'Everyone';
$string['generatesitemap'] = 'Generate Sitemap';
$string['generatesitemapdescription'] = 'Generate sitemap files from publicly accessible views, groups, and forum topics';
$string['generatesitemapdescription'] = 'Generate sitemap files from publicly accessible pages, groups, and forum topics';
$string['homepageinfo'] = 'Show home page information';
$string['homepageinfodescription'] = 'If enabled, information about Mahara and how it is used will be displayed on the Mahara home page. Logged in users will have the option to disable it.';
$string['institutionautosuspend'] = 'Auto-suspend expired institutions';
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