Commit 7b77d365 authored by Lisa Seeto's avatar Lisa Seeto Committed by Robert Lyon

Bug 1850859: consolidate css for skins to work better with new header details mode

- #viewh1 was targeting page titles of page's using a skin with a
 bold font-weight. There were a few places using the #viewh1 but none of them seemed
to actually be in bold.  Have removed it for now to fix page titles.

- Also added the link / link hover styles to the tags / page owner
links so they can be controlled the same way as page links


Change-Id: I945584426798aa5835452dc885816c60c377ce34
Signed-off-by: default avatarLisa Seeto <>
parent ed885258
......@@ -32,8 +32,13 @@ body > .main-content > .row {
color: {$view_text_heading_color};
.pageheader-content .text-small a {
color: {$view_text_heading_color};
text-decoration: underline;
color: {$view_link_normal_color};
text-decoration: {$view_link_normal_underline};
.pageheader-content .text-small a:hover,
.pageheader-content .text-small a:active {
color: {$view_link_hover_color};
text-decoration: {$view_link_hover_underline};
/* All other custom settings should be scoped to be within .user-page-content */
......@@ -84,7 +89,6 @@ body > .main-content > .row {
#viewh1 {
color: {$view_text_heading_color};
font-family: {$view_heading_font_family|safe};
font-weight: bold;
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