Commit 7bfdd101 authored by Clare Lenihan's avatar Clare Lenihan Committed by Clare Lenihan
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removing potentially confusing duplicate unused lang string

parent 7169655f
......@@ -98,7 +98,6 @@ $string['feedback'] = 'Feedback';
$string['feedbackattachdirname'] = 'assessmentfiles';
$string['feedbackattachdirdesc'] = 'Files attached to view assessments';
$string['feedbackattachmessage'] = 'The attached file has been added to your %s folder';
$string['feedbackmadeprivate'] = 'Feedback changed to private';
$string['feedbackonthisartefactwillbeprivate'] = 'Feedback on this artefact will only be visible to the owner.';
$string['feedbackonviewbytutorofgroup'] = 'Feedback on %s by %s of %s';
$string['feedbacksubmitted'] = 'Feedback submitted';
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