Commit 7ca149b8 authored by Penny Leach's avatar Penny Leach
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Proof of concept forum interaction plugin (VERY bare bones and needs fleshing out)

But will be a good starting point for Clare.
parent 9beeb7ee
Viewing all forums in a group go here
$string['name'] = 'Forum';
$string['nameplural'] = 'Forums';
$string['addtitle'] = 'Add forum';
$string['edittitle'] = 'Edit forum';
class PluginInteractionForum extends PluginInteraction {
public static function instance_config_form($instance=null) {
return array();
class InteractionForumInstance extends InteractionInstance {
public static function get_plugin() {
return 'forum';
$config->version = 2007111300;
$config->release = '0.1';
Viewing an instance of a forum goes here
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