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Base blocktype methods for exporting blockinstance config.

This feeds into the View export. Blocktypes can export all the
information they need to be imported again.
Signed-off-by: default avatarNigel McNie <>
parent 5946ba96
......@@ -275,6 +275,38 @@ abstract class PluginBlocktype extends Plugin {
return true;
* Given a block instance, returns a hash with enough information so that
* we could reconstruct it if given this information again.
* Import/Export routines can serialise this information appropriately, and
* unserialise it on the way back in, where it is passed to {@link
* import_create_blockinstance()} for creation of a new block instance.
* @param BlockInstance $bi The block instance to export config for
* @return array The configuration required to import the block again later
public static function export_blockinstance_config(BlockInstance $bi) {
// TODO: a default implementation might just turn $bi->get('configdata') into an array
return array();
* Creates a block instance from a given configuration.
* The configuration is whatever was generated by {@link
* export_blockinstance_config()}. This method doesn't have to worry about
* setting the block title, or the position in the View.
* @param array $config The config to use to create the blockinstance
* @return BlockInstance The new block instance
public static function import_create_blockinstance(array $config) {
// TODO: a default implementation might just create a new blockinstance
// with the config shunted into configdata - but with artefactids
// replaced with new ones
abstract class SystemBlockType extends PluginBlockType {
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