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Merge "Behat Test: Feedback configuration (Bug 1431569)"

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Feature: Page feedback configuration
In order to change the settings for placing feedback for a page
As an admin
So I can choose how I want to display my feedback
Given the following "users" exist:
| username | password | email | firstname | lastname | institution | authname | role |
| userA | Password1 | | Pete | Mc | mahara | internal | member |
Scenario Outline: Turning switchboxes on and off on feedback page (Bug 1431569)
Given I log in as "<log>" with password "Password1"
And I follow "Portfolio"
And I press "Create page"
And I fill in the following:
| Page title | Sharky |
And I press "Save"
And I press "Done"
And I follow "Sharky"
And I follow "Place feedback"
# Checking the default settings on the fields are correct
And the following fields match these values:
| Make public | 1 |
# Changing the switchbox to be the opposite
And I set the following fields to these values:
| Make public | 0 |
# Changing the switchbox back to default setting
And I set the following fields to these values:
| Make public | 1 |
And I press "Place feedback"
And I should see "There was an error with submitting this form. Please check the marked fields and try again."
And I should see "Your message is empty. Please enter a message or attach a file."
| log |
| admin |
| userA |
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