Commit 7eb7fc97 authored by Kevin Dibble's avatar Kevin Dibble
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Bug 1822022: Dialog box cancel not closing

Updated Js library for referencing click event
for cancel button on dialog.


Change-Id: If0cfa88b645cccb17f8293b064e89575a399ccab
parent 3638776a
......@@ -996,7 +996,7 @@
function setupPositionBlockDialog() {
$('#newblock .cancel, #newblock .deletebutton').on('mousedown keydown', function(e) {
$('#newblock .cancel, #addblock .deletebutton').on('mousedown keydown', function(e) {
if (isHit(e) || e.keyCode === $j.ui.keyCode.ESCAPE) {
closePositionBlockDialog(e, {'saved': false});
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