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Added some documentation, and changed how the authentication method will

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......@@ -26,31 +26,55 @@
defined('INTERNAL') || die();
// Constants for authentication
define('AUTH_PASSED', 1);
define('AUTH_FAILED', 2);
/** Exception - unknown user */
class AuthUnknownUserException extends Exception {}
* Base authentication class
* Institutions are tied to a particular plugin
abstract class Auth {
* Given a username, password and institution, attempts to log the user
* in.
* This method should return one of three values:
* Given a username, password and institution, attempts to log the use in.
* This method should return one of two values:
* <ul>
* <li>AUTH_PASSED - the user has provided correct credentials</li>
* <li>AUTH_FAILED - the user has provided incorrect credentials</li>
* <li>AUTH_UNKNOWN - the authentication system does not know about
* this user.</li>
* </ul>
* @param string $username The username to attempt to authenticate
* @param string $password The password to use for the attempt
* @param string $institute The institution the user belongs to
public static abstract function authenticate_user_account($username, $password, $institute);
* Given a username, returns a hash of information about a user.
* Should throw an exception if the authentication method doesn't know
* about the user, since this method should only be called after a
* successful authentication method (so we know the user exists)
* @param string $username The username to look up information for
* @return array The information for the user
* @throws AuthUnknownUserException
public static abstract function get_user_info ($username);
* Returns a hash of information that will be rendered into a form
* when configuring authentication.
* @return array
public static function get_config_options () {
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