Commit 876a68d4 authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie
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Removed old TODO comment

parent 50e89a3e
......@@ -50,26 +50,6 @@ if ($change) {
switch ($action) {
case 'blocktype_list':
$category = param_alpha('category');
// TODO:
// Where I can get to:
// Static version: Clicking buttons = response, but no action.
// Dynamic version: Actions = response, but no action performed.
// What can be done:
// [done] Add column: js should make room for it, put in the raw html (note: need to generate column raw html in a function then!)
// [done] Remove column: js should destroy the existing column, hopefully moving the blocks to other columns (could be implemented as move move delete?)
// Moving block instances: js should drag+drop, do ajax stub request. static should send response
// Add block: js should be done by drag and drop. static should respond
// Where I'm up to:
// Drag+Drop move blockinstances
// ...
// Fix up all the stuff that works with javascript to work in the non javascript version
// Clean up view_process_changes() and related things
// ...
// Blocktype adding to view (but only after the change can be reflected in the database!)
$data = view_build_blocktype_list($category, true);
json_reply(false, array('message' => false, 'data' => $data));
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