Commit 883972dd authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield
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Fix user csv updates when the db has duplicate emails (bug #862933)

The patch to update existing users by csv (commit 2f632f79

) uses
get_record to check whether email addresses are taken, stupidly
assuming that email addresses are unique. This throws an SQLException
when there are two users already on the site who have the same email

This patch allows the csv update to succeed when one of the existing
emails is already owned by the user specified in the csv line.

Change-Id: I2212907dfbd30de37cd26c6f6504989b36a574e0
Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <>
parent 6907770a
......@@ -391,8 +391,11 @@ function uploadcsv_validate(Pieform $form, $values) {
// It's okay if the email already exists and is owned by this user.
$emailowned = get_record_sql('
// Check if the email already exists and if it's owned by this user. This query can return more
// than one row when there are duplicate emails already on the site. If that happens, things are
// already a bit out of hand, and we'll just allow an update if this user is one of the users who
// owns the email.
$emailowned = get_records_sql_assoc('
SELECT LOWER(u.username) AS lowerusername, ae.principal FROM {usr} u
LEFT JOIN {artefact_internal_profile_email} ae ON = ae.owner AND ae.verified = 1 AND = ?
WHERE ae.owner IS NOT NULL OR = ?',
......@@ -401,16 +404,19 @@ function uploadcsv_validate(Pieform $form, $values) {
// If the email is owned by someone else, it could still be okay provided
// that other user's email is also being changed in this csv file.
if ($emailowned && $emailowned->lowerusername != $lowerusername) {
if (!$emailowned->principal) {
// However, only primary emails can be set in uploadcsv, so this is an error
$csverrors->add($line, get_string('uploadcsverroremailaddresstaken', 'admin', $line, $email));
else if (!isset($usernames[$emailowned->lowerusername])) {
// The other user is not being updated in this file
$csverrors->add($line, get_string('uploadcsverroremailaddresstaken', 'admin', $line, $email));
else {
if ($emailowned && !isset($emailowned[$lowerusername])) {
foreach ($emailowned as $e) {
// Only primary emails can be set in uploadcsv, so it's an error when someone else
// owns the email as a secondary.
if (!$e->principal) {
$csverrors->add($line, get_string('uploadcsverroremailaddresstaken', 'admin', $line, $email));
// It's also an error if the email owner is not being updated in this file
if (!isset($usernames[$e->lowerusername])) {
$csverrors->add($line, get_string('uploadcsverroremailaddresstaken', 'admin', $line, $email));
// If the other user is being updated in this file, but isn't changing their
// email address, it's ok, we've already notified duplicate emails within the file.
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