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Catch XmlrpcClientExceptions when calling the MNET method kill_children.

These happen sometimes, and cause the rather confusing "could not log you in" message, which is because that's how XmlrpcClientExceptions render themselves. I should fix that later.

The problem is on the Moodle side, but I haven't been able to duplicate it.
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......@@ -461,14 +461,25 @@ class AuthXmlrpc extends Auth {
public function kill_parent($username) {
require_once(get_config('docroot') . 'api/xmlrpc/client.php');
// Note: We are not bothering to check whether this succeeds or fails.
// There's not much we can do about it anyhow. We might need to catch
// XmlrpcClientExceptions though.
$client = new Client();
// For some people, the call to kill_children fails (when the remote
// site is a Moodle). We still haven't worked out why that is, but it's
// not a problem on the Mahara site
try {
$client = new Client();
catch (XmlrpcClientException $e) {
log_debug("XMLRPC error occured while calling MNET method kill_children on $this->wwwroot");
log_debug("This means that single-signout probably didn't work properly, but the problem "
. "is at the remote application");
log_debug("If the remote application is Moodle, and you're happy with a Mahara developer "
. "getting access to your system so they can try and debug the problem, get in touch with");
log_debug("Exception message follows:");
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