Commit 8b4933e1 authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield
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Remove unread message count from profile sideblock (bug #854403)

This has been unnecessary for some time now, because the same count
appears next to the envelope in the top right of the header.

Change-Id: I14581f8edff19ee5111eba4ff4ec8f564ad2443a
Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <>
parent 9a1cb6d2
......@@ -2380,8 +2380,6 @@ function profile_sideblock() {
$data['unreadnotifications'] = call_static_method(generate_class_name('notification', 'internal'), 'unread_count', $USER->get('id'));
$data['unreadnotificationsmessage'] = $data['unreadnotifications'] == 1 ? get_string('unreadmessage') : get_string('unreadmessages');
$invitedgroups = get_records_sql_array('SELECT g.*, gmi.ctime, gmi.reason
FROM {group} g
JOIN {group_member_invite} gmi ON =
......@@ -8,12 +8,6 @@
{if $sbdata.mnetloggedinfrom} <p>{$sbdata.mnetloggedinfrom|clean_html|safe}</p>
{if $sbdata.unreadnotifications}
<li id="unreadmessages"><a class="btn-message" href="{$WWWROOT}account/activity/">
<span class="unreadmessagescontainer"><span class="unreadmessagecount">{$sbdata.unreadnotifications}</span>
<span class="unreadmessages">{$sbdata.unreadnotificationsmessage}</span></span>
{if $sbdata.invitedgroups}
<li id="invitedgroups"><a href="{$WWWROOT}group/mygroups.php?filter=invite">
<span id="invitedgroupscount">{$sbdata.invitedgroups}</span>
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