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Trying to get some of the @failed one to work


 for list of old failed ones

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@javascript @core_account
@javascript @core @core_account
Feature: Creating users and an institution enrolling users and changing their passwords
In order to change user passwords successfully
As an admin create users and create an institution
@javascript @core
Feature: A user selects contact us from homepage and creates a message
In order to view the message
As user/admin
......@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ Scenario: Checking that admin user can view messages in their mail sent from Con
And I set the field "Email" to ""
And I set the field "Subject" to "Whats wrong"
And I set the field "Message" to "hello world"
# to avoid spam trap
And I wait "2" seconds
When I click on "Send message"
# Trigger the cron and make sure all jobs are done
# TODO: run all cron jobs
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