Commit 8bd74fdb authored by Jinelle Foley-Barnes's avatar Jinelle Foley-Barnes Committed by Robert Lyon

Behat Test: Uploading Videos (Bug 1445653)

Moved the file to the new 'collections' dir

Change-Id: I2ef3129062e88a61251bdd516d1417d376eea7c4
parent db3eb815
@javascript @core @core_artefact @play
Feature: Uploading videos
In order to upload a video
As an admin/user
So I can display videos on my pages
Scenario Outline: Uploading videos with a different file type (Bug 1445653)
Given I log in as "admin" with password "Kupuhipa1"
When I choose "Files" in "Content" from main menu
And I attach the file "<videoname>" to "File"
Then I should see "<videolink>" in the ".filelist" "css_element"
| videoname | videolink |
| testvid1.3gp | testvid1.3gp |
| testvid2.mkv | testvid2.mkv |
| testvid3.mp4 | testvid3.mp4 |
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