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Bug 1517256: Updating the Readme file in the theme dir

To let users know they cannot customise themes with gulp/sass if they
have the zip version of Mahara from launchpad  as important files
are not present.

It lets them know they need to get the zip from

which will have all the extra stuff.

behatnotneeded: change to readme file

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......@@ -2,6 +2,17 @@
This readme is split into two main sections, aimed at either [theme developers](#customising or creating themes) creating new themes or [Mahara developers](#mahara-developer-guide) doing maintenance or adding new features to existing themes.
* NOTE: In order to customise or create a new theme, a Mahara installed *
* via Git is used. If you have installed / upgraded via a zip / tar *
* file, the relevant Gulp / SASS files will not be present. *
* *
* If you want a version with these files, but do not want to use Git, *
* please go to and download *
* the relevant release of the version of Mahara for which you want to *
* create a theme. *
## Index
* [Customising or creating themes](#customising-or-creating-themes)
* [Regular CSS only (easiest)](#regular-css-only)
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