Commit 8c7e0f70 authored by Donal McMullan's avatar Donal McMullan
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Better user experience in setting up networking

parent 0973e3ba
......@@ -121,12 +121,12 @@ $string['publickeydescription'] = 'This public key is automatically generat
$string['publickeyexpires'] = 'Public key expires';
$string['enablenetworkingdescription'] = 'Allow your Mahara server to communicate with servers running Moodle and other applications.';
$string['enablenetworking'] = 'Enable networking';
$string['networkingenabled'] = 'Networking has been enabled';
$string['networkingdisabled'] = 'Networking has been disabled';
$string['networkingenabled'] = 'Networking has been enabled. ';
$string['networkingdisabled'] = 'Networking has been disabled. ';
$string['networkingunchanged'] = 'Network settings were not changed';
$string['promiscuousmode'] = 'Auto-register all hosts';
$string['promiscuousmodedisabled'] = 'Auto-register has been disabled';
$string['promiscuousmodeenabled'] = 'Auto-register has been enabled';
$string['promiscuousmodedisabled'] = 'Auto-register has been disabled. ';
$string['promiscuousmodeenabled'] = 'Auto-register has been enabled. ';
$string['promiscuousmodedescription'] = 'Create an institution record for any host that connects to you, and allow its users to log on to Mahara';
// Admin menu editor
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