Commit 8d3e5b9d authored by Martyn Smith's avatar Martyn Smith Committed by Martyn Smith
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Missing param in the phpdoc

parent 4bf967de
......@@ -520,6 +520,7 @@ function get_records_sql($sql,$values, $limitfrom='', $limitnum='') {
* Return value as for {@link get_rows}
* @param string $sql the SQL select query to execute.
* @param array values of placeholders in the SQL
* @param int $limitfrom return a subset of records, starting at this point (optional, required if $limitnum is set).
* @param int $limitnum return a subset comprising this many records (optional, required if $limitfrom is set).
* @return mixed an array of objects, or false if no records were found.
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