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Document $cfg->usersuniquebyusername in config-defaults.php


Change-Id: I1dfe7bc1cea9a8930a334af1deadb0b18a2d13f6
parent cc1a2812
......@@ -368,4 +368,15 @@ $cfg->additionalhtmltopofbody = '';
$cfg->additionalhtlmfooter = '';
// Whether to display extended debugging messages in the auth/ldap user & group synchronization cron task.
// $cfg->auth_ldap_debug_sync_cron = false;
\ No newline at end of file
// $cfg->auth_ldap_debug_sync_cron = false;
// When turned on, this setting means that it doesn't matter which other application the user SSOs from, the same
// username string from a remote SSO will be given the same account in Mahara.
// This setting is one that has security implications unless only turned on by people who know what they're doing. In
// particular, every system linked to Mahara should be making sure that same username == same person. This happens for
// example if two Moodles are using the same LDAP server for authentication.
// If this setting is on, it must NOT be possible to self register on the site for ANY institution - otherwise users
// could simply pick usernames of people's accounts they wished to steal.
$cfg->usersuniquebyusername = false;
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