Commit 901b2761 authored by Iñaki Arenaza's avatar Iñaki Arenaza
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Dwoo_Plugin_theme_{path,url} don't work if plugin location specified (bug #911683)

Commit 6cf859f8

 changed the parameter list of functions theme_url() and
theme_path() (in lib/web.php), but it seems Dwoo_Plugin_theme_path() and
Dwoo_Plugin_theme_url() weren't modified to use the new parameter list. So they
don't work when we specify the plugin location parameter.

Change-Id: I2993a149e726a6aaf7f1f4a24819a6baff8b7381
Signed-off-by: default avatarIñaki Arenaza <>
parent af9e6e57
......@@ -15,12 +15,7 @@ function Dwoo_Plugin_theme_path(Dwoo $dwoo, $location, $pluginlocation=null) {
global $THEME;
log_warn("The dwoo modifier theme_path is deprecated: please use theme_url");
$plugintype = $pluginname = '';
if ($pluginlocation) {
list($plugintype, $pluginname) = explode('/', $pluginlocation);
return $THEME->get_url($location, false, $plugintype, $pluginname);
return $THEME->get_url($location, false, $pluginlocation);
......@@ -9,12 +9,7 @@
function Dwoo_Plugin_theme_url(Dwoo $dwoo, $filename, $plugin = null) {
global $THEME;
$plugintype = $pluginname = '';
if ($plugin) {
list($plugintype, $pluginname) = explode('/', $plugin);
return $THEME->get_url($filename, false, $plugintype, $pluginname);
return $THEME->get_url($filename, false, $plugin);
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