Commit 9118c00d authored by Clare Lenihan's avatar Clare Lenihan Committed by Clare Lenihan
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changing string for myfriends when the user has no friends

parent fdfc8e56
......@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ $string['whymakemeyourfriend'] = 'This is why you should make me your friend:';
$string['approverequest'] = 'Approve Request!';
$string['denyrequest'] = 'Deny Request';
$string['pending'] = 'pending';
$string['trysearchingforfriends'] = 'Try %ssearching for your friends%s to grow your network!';
$string['trysearchingforfriends'] = 'Try %ssearching for new friends%s to grow your network!';
$string['nobodyawaitsfriendapproval'] = 'Nobody is awaiting your approval to become your friend';
$string['sendfriendrequest'] = 'Send Friend Request!';
$string['addtomyfriends'] = 'Add to My Friends!';
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