Commit 92c7ba51 authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield
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Check user is not deleted on form submission (bug #494484)

Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <>
parent 50329033
......@@ -1346,15 +1346,21 @@ function pieform_validate(Pieform $form, $values) {
throw new UserException('Invalid session key');
// Check to make sure the user has not been suspended, so that they cannot
// Check to make sure the user has not been suspended or deleted, so that they cannot
// perform any action
if ($USER) {
$record = get_record_sql('SELECT suspendedctime, suspendedreason
$record = get_record_sql('SELECT suspendedctime, suspendedreason, deleted
FROM {usr}
WHERE id = ?', array($USER->get('id')));
if ($record && $record->suspendedctime) {
if ($record) {
if ($record->suspendedctime) {
throw new UserException(get_string('accountsuspended', 'mahara', $record->suspendedctime, $record->suspendedreason));
if ($record->deleted) {
throw new AccessDeniedException(get_string('accountdeleted', 'mahara'));
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