Commit 966b35e8 authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie
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Improved the template for rendering a blogpost.

This should actually be moved around since the 'render' directory is a hangover from the old 'templates' system for views. For now however, I am going to ignore that until we overhaul blogs or otherwise find time to clean up the old stuff.
parent 46f5bfa3
......@@ -2,15 +2,17 @@
* This template displays a blog post.
{if $artefacttitle}<h3>{$artefacttitle}</h3>{/if}
{if isset($attachments)}
<tr><th>{str tag=attachedfiles}:</th></tr>
<tr><th colspan="2">{str tag=attachedfiles}:</th></tr>
{foreach from=$attachments item=item}
<td style="width: 22px;"><img src="{$item->iconpath|escape}" alt=""></td>
<td><a href="{$item->viewpath|escape}">{$item->title}</a> ({$item->size}) - <strong><a href="{$item->downloadpath|escape}">Download</a></strong>
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