Commit 9b588494 authored by Elliot Pahl's avatar Elliot Pahl Committed by Elliot Pahl
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Update csv error message.

parent f61492a3
......@@ -259,7 +259,7 @@ $string['configureauthplugin'] = 'You must configure an authentication plugin be
$string['csvfiledescription'] = 'The file containing users to add';
$string['csverroremptyfile'] = 'The csv file is empty.';
$string['invalidfilename'] = 'The file "%s" does not exist';
$string['uploadcsverrorinvalidfieldname'] = 'The field name "%s" is invalid';
$string['uploadcsverrorinvalidfieldname'] = 'The field name "%s" is invalid, or you have more fields than your header row specifies';
$string['uploadcsverrorrequiredfieldnotspecified'] = 'A required field "%s" has not been specified in the format line';
$string['uploadcsverrornorecords'] = 'The file appears to contain no records (although the header is fine)';
$string['uploadcsverrorunspecifiedproblem'] = 'The records in your CSV file could not be inserted for some reason. If your file is in the correct format then this is a bug and you should <a href="">create a bug report</a>, attaching the CSV file (remember to blank out passwords!) and, if possible, the error log file';
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