Commit 9d6054c4 authored by Penny Leach's avatar Penny Leach
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format_date now takes a further optional two arguments - key and section

to fetch a not specified string from if the date is null
parent 0ed5dc38
......@@ -862,13 +862,15 @@ class Plugin {
* @param int $date unix timestamp to format
* @param string $formatkey language key to fetch the format from
* @param string $notspecifiedkey (optional) language key to fetch 'not specified string' from
* @param string $notspecifiedsection (optional) language section to fetch 'not specified string' from
* (see langconfig.php or the top of {@link get_string_location}
* for supported keys
function format_date($date, $formatkey='strftimedatetime') {
function format_date($date, $formatkey='strftimedatetime', $notspecifiedkey='strftimenotspecified', $notspecifiedsection='mahara') {
if (empty($date)) {
return get_string('strftimenotspecified');
return get_string($notspecifiedkey, $notspecifiedsection);
return strftime(get_string($formatkey), $date);
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