Commit 9eefc1c8 authored by Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon
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Bug 1765264: Group id not needed to be array for group_get_admin_ids()

A mistake made in the patch for Bug 1367539


Change-Id: If0b27c356887483532693153f0b8936b7d12eb14
Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <>
parent a51cddc7
......@@ -1966,7 +1966,7 @@ class ArtefactTypeFile extends ArtefactTypeFileBase {
safe_require('notification', 'internal');
foreach ($groups as $group) {
// find the group admins and notify them - there should be at least 1 admin for a group
if ($admins = group_get_admin_ids(array($group->id))) {
if ($admins = group_get_admin_ids($group->id)) {
$data = array(
'subject' => get_string('adm_group_notificationsubject', 'artefact.file'),
'message' => get_string('adm_group_notificationmessage', 'artefact.file', $group->name, ceil((int)$group->quotausedpercent), display_size($group->quota)),
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