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Documenting the pieform select element a little better...

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* Renders a dropdown list, including support for multiple choices.
* Configuration options:
* In addition to the standard pieform element configuration options, the select element
* can take these. Each one must include an "options", "optgroups", or "optionurl"
* parameter, because otherwise it won't have any options.
* - "options" (array): The list of items in the menu. A little confusingly, the array key
* for each array entry is used as the "value" attribute for the <option> tag. Each array
* value should usually be a string, in which case it will be displayed as the text between
* the <option> tags. Or for more advanced functionality each array value can be an array
* with these keys:
* --- "value": The string to display inside the <option> tags
* --- "disabled" (boolean default false): Set to true to disable this option
* --- "style": CSS styling to set on this option
* --- "label": sets a "label" attribute on the <option> tag
* - "optgroups" (array of arrays): Provide this INSTEAD of "options" if you want to use
* optgroups. This should be an array of arrays. Each entry in the array represents an
* optgroup (the key is ignored). Each optgroup array should contain an item with the
* key "label", which will be the user-displayed label, and an item with the key "options",
* which should be a list of options to go in that outgroup, with the same format as a
* standard "options" array.
* - "multiple" (boolean, default false): Indicates whether to allow multiple items to be selected
* - "collapseifoneoption" (boolean, default true): If there's only one option, print it as a string
* instead of as a menu.
* - "allowother" (boolean, default false): Says to add an "other" free text field to the menu. If there
* is a menu option with value "other", then selecting this will display the free text
* field. If there is no menu option with value "other", one will be added to the option
* list.
* - "width" (deprecated): How wide to make this select element in pixels. Better to do this with CSS.
* - "height" (deprecated): How tall to make this select element in pixels. Better to do this with CSS.
* @todo Currently, putting a junk defaultvalue/value for a multiple select
* does not trigger any kind of error, it should perhaps trigger a
* Pieform::info
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