Commit a4134f74 authored by Kristina Hoeppner's avatar Kristina Hoeppner
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Bug 1558885: Change the overriding start / end date lang string

This is an interim fix only until the functionality
can be corrected to not allow people to pick access
dates outside of the overriding start / end dates.

behatnotneeded: Just a lang string that doesn't
exist in a test yet.

Change-Id: Iff7841084a798e5e184a9842465ac947c62b000d
parent 5dcf538f
......@@ -63,9 +63,9 @@ $string['deletethisview'] = 'Delete this page';
$string['submitthisviewto1'] = 'Submit this page for assessment to';
$string['submitthiscollectionto1'] = 'Submit this collection for assessment to';
$string['forassessment1'] = 'Submit for assessment';
$string['accessfromdate2'] = 'Nobody else can see this page before %s.';
$string['accessuntildate2'] = 'Nobody else can see this page after %s.';
$string['accessbetweendates2'] = 'Nobody else can see this page before %s or after %s.';
$string['accessfromdate3'] = 'Nobody can see this page before %s.';
$string['accessuntildate3'] = 'Nobody can see this page after %s.';
$string['accessbetweendates3'] = 'Nobody can see this page before %s or after %s.';
$string['artefactsinthisview'] = 'Artefacts in this page';
$string['whocanseethisview'] = 'Who can see this page';
$string['view'] = 'page';
......@@ -6098,20 +6098,20 @@ class View {
public static function access_override_description($v) {
if ($v['startdate'] && $v['stopdate']) {
return get_string(
'accessbetweendates2', 'view',
'accessbetweendates3', 'view',
format_date(strtotime($v['startdate']), 'strftimedate'),
format_date(strtotime($v['stopdate']), 'strftimedate')
if ($v['startdate']) {
return get_string(
'accessfromdate2', 'view',
'accessfromdate3', 'view',
format_date(strtotime($v['startdate']), 'strftimedate')
if ($v['stopdate']) {
return get_string(
'accessuntildate2', 'view',
'accessuntildate3', 'view',
format_date(strtotime($v['stopdate']), 'strftimedate')
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