Commit ad4c249f authored by Evonne's avatar Evonne Committed by Robert Lyon

Bug 1834973 IE11 side panels are at bottom of page

An issue with flex on IE11 where flex item has a max-width, the
fix sets the min-size in flex-basis to 0% instead of 25% so that
it grows to fit.


Change-Id: I719acbc6db578444d0621cb4f660cb2226d8960b
(cherry picked from commit e3a53e16)
parent f77fce6b
......@@ -863,3 +863,16 @@ {
#forums-list .button {
white-space: nowrap;
// fixes ie11 flex issues making panels go to bottom of page
@media screen and (-ms-high-contrast: active), (-ms-high-contrast: none) {
.col-lg-3 {
flex: 1 0 0%;
max-width: 25%;
@include media-breakpoint-down(md) {
flex: 1 0 0%;
max-width: 100%;
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