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Get js strings before generating js

parent bba52b0c
......@@ -29,13 +29,10 @@ require(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) . '/init.php');
$wwwroot = get_config('wwwroot');
$strings = array('accessstartdate', 'accessstopdate', 'artefacts', 'delete', 'deleteviewquestion',
'description', 'editaccess', 'editview', 'editviewinformation', 'submitted',
'submitview', 'submitviewquestion');
$getstring = array();
foreach ($strings as $string) {
$getstring[$string] = "'" . get_string($string) . "'";
$getstring = quotestrings(array('accessstartdate', 'accessstopdate', 'artefacts', 'delete',
'deleteviewquestion', 'description', 'editaccess', 'editview',
'editviewinformation', 'submitted', 'submitview',
/* This is a slightly dodgy use of the table renderer: I'm outputting
five <tr> elements for each item of data coming from the database.
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