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Bug 1605127: Method signature mismatch in Activity::update_url()

The abstract Activity class defines the function update_url()
with no parameters, but the two subclasses that override it
define it with one parameter. This will cause problems in PHP 7.

It's always called with one parameter, (even in the Activity
class itself) so the best option is to add one parameter to the
implementation in Activity.

Change-Id: I810061ed6f8c55101327e2e907bb68ebf9870380
behatnotneeded: Covered by existing tests
parent cd9247b4
......@@ -706,8 +706,15 @@ abstract class ActivityType {
return $this->subject;
// rewrite the url with the internal notification id?
protected function update_url() {
* Rewrite $this->url with the ID of the internal notification record for this activity.
* (Generally so that you can make a URL that sends the user to the Mahara inbox page
* for this message.)
* @param int $internalid
* @return boolean True if $this->url was updated, False if not.
protected function update_url($internalid) {
return false;
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