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(#3404) Flip function arguments order around for constructor of...

(#3404) Flip function arguments order around for constructor of LeapExportElementResumeCompositeSibling.

This matches everwhere that it's called. The bug never manifested itself
because we were quashing the E_RECOVERABLE_ERRORs caused by passing
invalidly typed arguments. Though it probably would have died on PHP
Signed-off-by: default avatarNigel McNie <>
parent 12a0a684
......@@ -421,14 +421,14 @@ class LeapExportElementResumeCompositeSibling extends LeapExportElementResumeCom
protected $leaptype;
protected $sibling;
public function __construct(LeapExporter $exporter,
ArtefactTypeResumeComposite $parentartefact,
public function __construct(ArtefactTypeResumeComposite $parentartefact,
PluginExportLeap $exporter,
LeapExportElementResumeCompositeChild $sibling, $record, $leaptype, $siblingrel) {
$this->leaptype = $leaptype;
$this->siblingrel = $siblingrel;
$this->sibling = $sibling;
parent::__construct($exporter, $parentartefact, $record);
parent::__construct($parentartefact, $exporter, $record);
public function get_siblings() {
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