Commit b5e61f16 authored by Doris Tam's avatar Doris Tam
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Bug 1810990: blocktype data: recentforumposts - documentation

Change-Id: I57f9d82e6ae93548198fba152851ed8ba1cbbe79
parent e31fd693
......@@ -1282,6 +1282,14 @@ EOD;
return $configdata;
* generate configdata for blocktype: recentforumposts
* @param string $data inside data column in blocktype tables
* @param string $ownertype of user
* @param string $ownerid of the user
* @return array $configdata of key and values of db table
public static function generate_configdata_recentforumposts($data, $ownertype, $ownerid) {
if (!$data) return;
$configdata = array();
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